Media portrayal of Trump as idiot will increase his popularity


The more progressive media portray Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump as immoral, rude, sexist, racist, not to be taken seriously, clown-like, a joke, etc., the more his popularity will grow. Most Americans – understandably – feel left out and neglected by the establishment for decades, and are likely to support any candidate who is framed as outcast, as they identify with outcasts.

The rotten elite-focused “democratic” system in the west, ruled by money, polls, media hypes and big egos, is now turning against itself. The potential for outcasts is enormous. 70% of the U.S. electorate did not vote for Obama in 2012: they voted Romney or didn’t vote at all. And of course Hillary Clinton – strong supporter of the death penalty and head of the most corporate political dynasty in U.S. history – is not a serious alternative either.

The USA has been behaving like a corporation for a long time, so also in that sense businessman Trump is a perfect fit.


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